Plantation shutters provide the ultimate in light control  and privacy in the home. There are many possibilities with shutters including different styles and materials to suit your individual requirements.‚Äč


We work closely with industry leading trade suppliers to ensure that we have the correct blend of wood types and materials available.  This helps us to overcome the most difficult of installation challenges and ensure that we offer a quality of product that is second to none. 

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Our most popular product. Solid and fully waterproof. Painted finishes only with a 10 year guarantee. Lead time is 8 weeks for UK made. View product brochure



Lightweight and so ideal for large windows. Painted and grained finishes available. Shutters guaranteed for 5 years. Lead time is 10-14 weeks for imported or 8 weeks for UK made



Waterproof faux frame with lightweight hardwood doors. 5 year guarantee. Painted and grained finishes. Lead time is 10 - 14 weeks


High quality, custom made shutters produced in Britain.


We understand the frustration of long lead times and poor quality when ordering shutters.


We offer a British made product that will transform your home for years to come.



Lightweight Polysilk Vinyl material available in painted finishes.  Shutters are UK manufactured, 5 year guarantee with a 3 - 4 week lead time.  


tilt rod.


Tilt rods can be used to tilt the louvers into your desired position.  They also provide a more contemporary look compared with clearview



Clearview or hidden tilt rods means that the tilt mechanism is hidden behind the shutter louvers. Louvers are then operated by hand.  This provides a more modern aesthectic

Finer details.  We supply all types of shutters including tier on tier, tracked and speciality shapes. We take extra care and attention during the finishing process too ensure that your client is 100% happy with the end result.  



Astragal door style provides a cover strip between doors to reduce light strike, which is ideal for bedrooms.  This is our default shutter door style



Rabbet door style means that the shutter doors butt up to one another.  This style is useful should you wish to install a locking device to your shutters