We offer louvered roof type and retractable bioclimatic systems.  The Technic is a complete louvred roof solution with a modern appearance and design. It is the most advanced louvered pergola model available. The roof opens automatically via the rotation of aluminium louvres which move to suit your requirements. The louvres rotate to precise positions to control the amount of sunlight allowed into the construction. Technic can withstand the harsh UK weather conditions including strong wind up to 160 km/h and it  has a snow load from up to 620kg/m2. Water is drained through a guttering system which is hidden within the construct of the pillars. Your louvered Pergola can be upgraded with a wide range accessories, such as integrated LED lights, sliding glass and roller blinds to protect you from the elements.


Elegancy is a stylish fabric terrace roofing system which combines simplicity and luxury.  Thanks to modern technological solutions introduced to its structure, it is an easy and practical option that can blend in with most architectural styles. The aluminium construction is equipped with a retractable triple-layered TechProtect fabric roofing, which is waterproof, non-flammable, UV resistant and very durable.​


We work closely with industry leading trade suppliers to ensure that we have the correct blend of wood types and materials available.  This helps us to overcome the most difficult of installation challenges and ensure that we offer a quality of product that is second to none. 

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Wall mounted construct attached to an existing building with 2 pillars non building side 



Completely free standing structure with 4 pillars





Infrared illuminators provide the most economical use of the charged energy in a zone or station heating. Revolutionary short-wave Infra Red technology used in our radiant heaters guarantees an immediate comfort



Speakers discreetly mounted in the profiles of the structure allow you to enjoy your favorite sounds on the terrace. Especially designed for outdoor installation, resistant to moisture, dust and UV rays

We supply a full range of accessories to accompany your outdoor pod and make the overall look and feel even more comfortable. 



High quality spotlights or lightning strips are great tools which might be used in order to create an amazing aura, at any moment and at any time



These mouldings protect against tough weather conditions: wind, rain, snow, dirt and noise, not limiting the visibility. Non-frame sliding mouldings are almost invisible when closed.