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This question is open ended and really depends on personal taste and living arrangements.  There are many similarities between shutters and blinds, with both products helping to control light and glare through tilting the louvers or slats; both are also easy to clean and relatively maintenance free.  There are, however some major differences between the two as we will investigate now…..


 are architecturally fitted meaning they become part of the window as they are fitted to the actual window frame. The shutter doors can be swung open and kept to the side of the window frame allowing light to pour into the room (unless you live in Manchester, which is where we are based!). Shutters can be configured in many different ways and we always recommend that the configuration is mainly determined by the window frame itself.  This makes the shutters look uniform and more pleasing on the eye.  Window shutters are also extremely durable to the extent that we are able to offer a ten year warranty on some of our ranges.


Window blinds do not give you such versatility but in general are much less expensive. With new product developments such as Perfect Fit,  and new cost effective , the product choice is better than ever. Blinds also come in many different formats from  to ; this gives a wider spectrum in terms of functionality.  One of the main benefits of made to measure window blinds is the relatively low cost compared with shutters.  When choosing between shutters and blinds, we would always recommend that people living in rented accommodation opt for blinds as Shutters are many times more expensive.  Interior shutters can be considered a more long term investment as they add value to your property. 


There is no real conclusive answer to this question and we guess that much of the decision comes down to personal taste and they type of property you have.   Whether you choose our shutters or blinds, we are sure that you will be delighted with the results. 

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