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Most houses are built with winter in mind meaning that in summer it can feel very hot in doors!  This may make us want to open all of the windows in the house to let in some air but unfortunately this is not always that easy.  If you live in Manchester for example you may then have neighbours or passers-by peering in your house, which is not ideal as privacy is important to most of us!  Interior plantation shutters can be useful in alleviating this issue as windows can be opened whilst maintaining privacy. Café style shutters where by the bottom half of your windows are covered to give privacy but light (and air!) are able to pass through the top half of the window are ideal in this situation.


Cafe style shutters cover only bottom half of a window, leaving the rest of the window exposed. They are commonly used on taller windows.  As previously mentioned, the advantage of this style is most effective on properties that are overlooked, for example a ground floor flat or a house on a busy street. The bottom half gives privacy whilst the exposed window still lets in all the light. People that opt for this style often complement them with curtains or blinds. Another great thing about Café style shutters is that they cost a lot less than full height shutters. Often half the price!

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